The Skullkey Story

By Lucas Lundgren, CEO.

Once upon a time…

As a kid growing up in a small town in Southern Sweden, there wasn’t much to do. During the summers I would spend my time between the C64, Nintendo and playing outside. Surrounded by everything from old cabins to stables and just a short walk to the beach. But it wasn’t one of those muddy outback kind of neighborhoods. This was lush with flowers, green grass pastures, open fields and a 2 minute walk to the beach. I was quite spoiled with the beauty of nature, though as a kid I didn’t think much of it. It’s when you go back there today that you realize just how beautiful it was. My fond memories thinking back is always blue skies, a gentle breeze and the sound of leafs rustling.

It was one of those beautiful days, and I was out and about in the small meadow right outside my home, climbing trees. Or at least tried too. I would consider myself as agile as a bank safe, and it didn’t help that I back then had a fear of heights. However, this day I was determined to get to the fort. Some older kids had put the foundation of a tree house up there. In reality what we considered a fort, was around 3-4 planks laid out and nailed firmly on one of the branches. The impenetrable Fortress, the secret club, the hangout. And I was determined to be a part of it. The tree was thick, and required you to hold your arms around one of the stems, which kinda obtrudes from the main tree, and it didn’t help that hugging this massive log with a bark of jagged razor blades would render the same outcome on your for-arms, as sprinting through a herd of cats with your arms out carrying salami. But this time I didn’t care even if I was wearing a guns and roses t-shirt and shorts. I would make it, or succumb to the monster known as the tree.

Through sheer willpower I shakily manged to pull myself up on the first branch which cost me knee scrapes, and cat-salami arms. I stood there for a couple of minutes, catching my breath, huffing and dry heaving like a hyena eating a mouth full of sand, my arms where stinging like I’d gone 10 rounds with a tattoo needle. Knees of course, were i bit shaky due to the height and I could feel my feet tensing up, which made it more uncomfortable the longer I stood there. For those who haven’t experience that cramp under the foot I can describe it like having your foot hold an apple, or trying to stand on a narrow stick balancing on the middle of the foot.

Trying to analyze and plan my way further up the tree, I came up with the brilliant idea just to gun it. Run up one or two steps, trying to hug the tree and swivel my body around the stem, placing one foot on the first plank. And even if I was out of breath I had to do it now, before my feet completely locked up.

If there was ever a moment in my life I can look back to making the right decision, that was it. Run up, use the momentum and swivel around the thick tree while almost hugging it became my super power. In the future my friends will remember this move, they will sing songs and write stories. They will tell their kids and they will tell theirs for several generations to come. Not really, but I managed to impress my friends with that move and if I look back at this, it’s one of those key moments in life that would define a part of you.

Immediately upon landing I saw it.

On one of the planks there was a key. I wouldn’t call it a skeleton key, or even anything that resembles a skull. It was one of those old house keys. Long, made out of metal with an old pattern as a handle. It had seen better days since it was a bit rusty and you could smell the iron when you picked it up. It felt heavy, smooth on one side where there where less rust and bumpy and somewhat sharp were the rust had poked small holes. My imagination started going wild at this point. Is it to a chest? Maybe even treasure key? Who put it here?

Shakily making my way down, feets cramping, cut up and bleeding, with the key sticking out from my pocket I was determined to try this on every abandoned little house I could find. Some of them where locked, and due to the age of the key its probably be one of those houses. I snickered thinking that my friends can have their tree club. I on the other hand. I will have a house! The ultimate club house. Little did I know, that I wouldn’t care about the house when I discovered what was inside.

In short, after I spent days looking for a locked house where the key would work my hunt stopped, late a Friday evening. I made my way through some nettles and thorn bushes, and came up on this overgrown gray abandoned house. The roof was partially caved due to a big tree branch had crashed down on it. It wasn’t big at all and the brickwork was leaning a bit. Today, I would think it was some type of shed used to store things for horses.

Brushing away some of the overgrowth so I could reach the door i pulled the handle and tried to open. Locked. Could this be it? I inserted the rusty old key into the lock and twisted gently. Nothing budged. Thinking that this door haven’t been open for hundreds of years i decided to, what the we say today, YOLO it. I twisted as hard as I could and yanked the door back and forward. Click. The door unlocked, and I opened it slowly…

What I found in there, laying on some dried grass covered by parts of a wooden bench, would become my treasure for the next 13 years.

Now it’s time for you to discover what is behind your door.

This beautiful, robust yet delicate, mysterious key that unlocked my treasure – that is the one we now give to our customers.

It’s a key to a secure their business. As such, our logo is more than just a logo – it’s a symbol of partnership and trust. A promise that we will help keep your company secrets locked up for years to come.



The story of our logo is just the beginning. What we aim for and aspire to accomplish with our services is another story, one we just started to write. So far, it’s going pretty well but we need more characters, missions and plots to really make our story one of the great ones. We need YOU.

Let us know if you want our stories to collide. We’ll welcome you with our arms wide open.

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