We’re not interested in a “one-night scan” relationship with our clients. We want the real deal. If you don’t feel like you can tell us everything, your darkest secrets and most embarrassing stories, we’re doing something wrong. So our first and foremost goal is to earn your trust.


When we engage and talk to your developers, it’s not just about giving them a report. If they need it, we will walk through the vulnerabilities, and emphasise on what the actual problem is. The quick fix, and the long term mitigation. This knowledge trading is always included in our services.


We want the world to be a bit more secure today than it was yesterday. We know it’s a long road ahead with new vulnerabilities popping up every day. But if we can make ANY diffrence to our clients IT Security, it is considered a win.

The important thing about security systems isn’t how they work, it’s how they fail.
– Cory Doctorow

SKULLKEY consist of several parts.

We have the consultancy part, which you probably are familiar with. Then we have our own platform called P0R7 R0YAL which will launch end of 2022. Pentesting persistance is also in the works and from the current looks it is going to launch around October 2022. Deadlock, our SaaS honeypot, is set to launch in August of 2022.

skullkey security company structure landscape
Skullkey security company structure

As you can see, we are quite a new organization, but with decades of experience. Creating and doing things we as experts felt was missing.


Our testers have spoken at Blackhat, Defcon RSA, and hold multiple certifications. They are key people not only following the latest security trends, they create them and work as mentors for others in the Security field. Creating groundbreaking research with one goal in mind, to make the world a little bit safer today, than it was yesterday.


We tend to break the monotony and actually listen to what the client want. And yes everybody says that too, but are they really doing what they preach? Can you call your current Pentesting firm, and set a 30-45 minute meeting with their expert, free of charge? Well here you can, we would love to bounce ideas, security issues or solutions, for free.

Why? We believe in making the world a little bit more secure today, than it was yesterday.
We align ourselves as your Security Companion.

Here are some clients we’re allowed to talk about:

andel skullkey security customer
skyqraft skullkey security customer
BT block skullkey security customer
lund&bendsen skullkey security customer


Revenue prediction

Just short of these couple of months we have managed to grow at an unprecedented rate. We have got huge clients and long term contracts, and with that predict around 5-8 Million SEK Profit by our first year.

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upcoming projects


Turn the table on the adversary. This time it’s the hacker who clicks something they shouldn’t.


Who doesn’t love a good old pentest? We’ll test your systems on a frequent basis. How frequent? That’s up to you.

por7 royal

This. This is our masterpiece. But like any masterpiece it needs a bit of work. We’ll let you know when it’s done.